Brooks Adams


 In 2011 after many rewarding years as a business development executive in medical products, I launched a real estate business focused on the acquisition and renovation of historic urban houses in Durham, NC for sale or rent.

I had been interested in real estate and renovation of historic property for many years. As an MBA intern, I worked for Trammell Crow in Dallas, TX, in residential development. During my corporate career, as I made moves I bought great antique houses that needed work, and the updated and freshly decorated houses then instantly sold when it came time to move again.

After working these recent years on more than 45 projects, I can say that I love my work. The property acquisition, renovation, and resale and rental business has gone well. Now my team and I increasingly provide design & renovation services for hire. 

I am proud that we have developed a nice portfolio of projects, properties, and a great client base. I am also happy to have contributed to the rebirth of Durham.

Our focus: 

- Local real estate investment/development
- Design & renovation of historic residential property for clients
- Historic renovation tax credits

NC General Contractor #74224