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Photo with Silverio Colli Kantun by KC Paul/2012

Brooks Adams, 

In early 2011, after many years as a senior business development executive in medical devices & pharma/biotech, I launched a design & renovation company with a focus on historic, residential property in the urban Durham, NC, market.

I have been attracted to real estate and renovation of historic property for many years. Growing up I roamed the rural countryside in Randolph County, NC, in my dad's Land Cruiser with two black Labs in tow dreaming of resurrecting many rural homesteads & mills.  Then as a young Duke MBA intern, I worked for Trammell Crow in residential land development in Dallas, TX ( Later, on a different career track, as I made numerous corporate relocations, I invariably chose to restore antique houses, which I found readily resold when the time came to move on. Then in 2006, I began the renovation of a fabulous historic hacienda in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico: Another turning point was when I met Tari Hamilton of Hamilton Designworks, who was a key collaborator leading the interior design & preparation of the NC Historic Preservation Tax Credit Application for the renovation of my former house at 1014 Minerva Ave in Durham.  Tari was a key inspiration in my career change and the launch of this business!

I now have experience working with houses in Durham, Boston, Richmond, Upstate New York, and Mexico.  I have also spent significant time in Europe (France in particular), which has contributed hugely to my perspective on design/function.
I love my new work in design & renovation and the business is going very well. Separately, I conduct real estate development for my own account with a company called Minerva Investment Properties. I am building a great client base and a nice portfolio of projects & properties.

- Historic properties
- Design & renovation for hire  
- Real estate development/investment
- Historic renovation tax credits

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